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Taxi Licensing

Taxi Licensing (Hackney Carriage) and Private Hire Vehicle Licence Holders

Concerned about Taxi licensing in the UK? We regularly represent professional drivers who find themselves involved in licensing disputes, whether their current licence has been suspended or revoked, or they have had a new application or renewal refused.

As we provide national advice and representation, we can tailor our advice to licensing issues in London and the suburbs governed by Transport for London (TFL) or in the counties and other cities where licensing falls to be dealt with by Local Authorities.

Often a Local Authority or TFL may assess a driver as falling below the standard of what they consider a fit and proper person and refuse to grant or renew a licence application, or in some circumstances, they may revoke or suspend an active licence. This can occur for example where a driver has received a criminal conviction or is under investigation by the police. Alternatively, it can occur where a driver has received complaints from members of the public or other drivers.

In such circumstances, we can assist the driver in appealing the decision. Sometimes this can be done through negotiation with the Local Authority and the submission of written representations.

It may be necessary to appeal the decision to the Magistrates’ Court. There is a strict time limit of 21 days in which to lodge an appeal in taxi licensing matters and there is absolutely no scope to extend that statutory time limit. Not even if there is an agreement between the licensing body and the licensed person.

These appeals are complex civil proceedings that require expert legal advice and assistance, not least because they can often result in a loss of livelihood and the other party’s costs being awarded against you.

As licensing disputes have strict time limits for appealing a decision, it is, therefore, crucial that we are contacted as soon as possible if you have received a suspension or revocation notice, or had an application reused.

We can advise and assist you in all such aspects.

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