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Richard Packham

Senior Litigation Executive

"...has considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of criminal defence..."


Richard has been working for criminal defence solicitors in South London since 1992 and regularly attends police stations to represent and advise clients facing all manner of criminal offences.

Due to Richard’s expertise and experience this had lead him to represent clients throughout the UK including cases in Truro, Bristol and Carlisle. This has also meant that Richard has worked alongside some of the Country’s leading barristers and QC’s.

Richard has considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of criminal defence including:

  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Drug Supply
  • Drug Importations
  • Cybercrime
  • Conspiracy cases

Due to the often complex nature of large scale conspiracy cases this has meant that Richard has a wealth of experience in dealing with mobile phone and cell site data related cases.

  • Notable cases


    • R v M – Incident whereby a Boxer punched a male and resulted in victim losing his life
    • R v A & others – Male shot and killed using a sub machine gun
    • R v C & others – Involved a string of attacks on prostitutes and resulted in the torture and death of a prostitute
    • R v C & others – Father and son involved in stabbing to death of a male
    • R v W & others – Gangland execution of a male over drugs
    • R v O & others – Murder of a DJ outside the Ministry of Sound
    • R v C & others – Murder of a male and a criminal solicitor was also charged alongside the defendants

    Drug Conspiracies

    • R v L & others – Large scale conspiracy involving drugs being couriered from London to Bristol (large amount of mobile phone and Police surveillance)
    • R v P & others – Covert Surrey Police operation involving the supply of class A drugs to undercover Police Officers
    • R v Q & others – Importation of Drugs through Europe to the UK
    • R v R & others – Importation of class A drugs and firearms through Europe to the UK

    General Crime

    • R v L & others – Conspiracy to rob – series of armed robberies throughout South London
    • R v B & others – Conspiracy to kidnap – Involved the kidnap of a male over a drug debt
    • R v W & others – Conspiracy to cause explosions – Involved a gang of males using gas canisters to blow open cash machines
    • R v A & others – Conspiracy to cause criminal damage – Involved a large group of males who were spray painting graffiti on trains and underground
    • R v M & others – Conspiracy to rob – Involved theft of £2 million from the Dubai Royal Family
    • R v D & others – Conspiracy to rob and supply – Robbery of gang drug dealers already under surveillance by the Metropolitan Police

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