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Corporate Manslaughter

Workplace Fatalities

Interested in corporate manslaughter? Our team specialises in providing advice and representation where there has been a workplace fatality. Should a serious injury or fatality occur, it is crucial that urgent and appropriate advice is obtained.

Manslaughter and Corporate Manslaughter

The initial investigation following a fatality at work or in a business environment will be conducted by the police and the possible offence/s will be Corporate Manslaughter for the company or business under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007.

If an individual is believed to be responsible for the material incident and the death of any employee or third party, he or she may be accused and prosecuted for gross negligence manslaughter. It makes no difference if the individual is a senior person (a manager) or someone more junior within the organisation. The issue will be whether their actions or a failure to do something are a substantial contribution to the death.

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