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Traffic Commissioner Hearings

If you are a professional driver who holds a vocational licence, such as Public Services Vehicle Operators licence (PSV) or a Large Goods Vehicle Operators licence (LGV), then you should care about traffic commissioner hearings. You may find yourself being contacted by the Traffic Commissioner in relation to your licence. Often this will be where there has been an allegation of misconduct which requires the Traffic Commissioner to consider whether or not they should suspend or revoke your licence.

The result of these hearings can be life-changing and have far-reaching consequences for your employment. We can provide representation at a hearing before the Traffic Commissioner with a view to ensuring that suspension or revocation is avoided.

If you are the holder of a goods vehicle Operators Licence you may also find yourself being invited to attend a public inquiry held by the Traffic Commissioner. The purpose of an inquiry will be for the Traffic Commissioner to hear evidence to assist in making a decision in respect of an active Operators Licence or a licence application. As with vocational licence hearings they have the power to revoke or suspend your Operator Licence.

We can advise and assist you with all such aspects.

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