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Food Safety

Concerned about food safety in the UK? We have significant experience in representing businesses concerned with food safety and food hygiene.

Our expertise covers issues such as:

  • Food hygiene standards
  • Food quality
  • Foods contamination
  • Food packaging and labeling

Food safety in the UK matters. Any investigation by inspectors from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) or Local Authority Environmental Health Teams will almost certainly have immediate reputational and economic consequences for your business.

We can assist by providing advice and representation for any interview with Food Standards Inspectors. We can provide advice and assistance in dealing with interventions or enforcement action taken by the FSA or Environmental Health Teams such as:

  • Hygiene improvement notices
  • Hygiene prohibition notices
  • Remedial action notices
  • Detention notices
  • Emergency prohibition orders

We can provide you with advice, representation and training in all aspects of food safety in the UK to ensure that your business operates safely, profitably and within the law.

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