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General Dental Council

Widely regarded as top-rated GDC defence solicitors, our lawyers have built an enviable reputation successfully representing dentists and dental care professionals who have been referred to the General Dental Council for a regulatory matter.

We represent the full range of dental professionals, including:

  • Dentists
  • Clinical dental technicians
  • Dental hygienists
  • Dental nurses
  • Dental technicians
  • Dental therapists
  • Orthodontic therapists

“Both regulatory & criminal expertise”

Blackfords expertise in both criminal & regulatory matters blend together perfectly. The breadth of skills ensures all angles are covered.

Richard Padley, complex criminal matters specialist barrister

GDC Fitness To Practise Investigation Solicitors

Our specialist General Dental Council lawyers offer skilled, tried-and-tested advice and expert representation in relation to Fitness To Practise (FTP) investigations before the GDC.While it may be tempting to respond to a GDC complaint immediately, care should be taken before doing so.  The need for specialist legal advice at this most early stage is critical, as saying the wrong thing could prejudice your position at a later stage of the proceedings, which are now laid out in summary form as follows:

  • NOTIFICATION – you will receive notification from the GDC outlining the complaint, and be invited to respond.
  • INITIAL CONSIDERATION – If it is felt that the complaint may render you unfit to practise, the issue will be referred to the Investigation Committee (IC), and you will be invited to respond to the allegations.  Formulating a response to the Investigating Committee can be a difficult task and requires detailed and focused representations.  Blackfords have a wealth of experience in this area, and persuasive and strong representations at this stage can prevent the matter going any further.
  • PRACTISE COMMITTEE – Onward referral to one of three practise committees (Professional Conduct, Professional Performance or Health) for final determination.  This requires a hearing before the panel.
  • APPEALS – Whether you were represented by another solicitor (or no solicitor) up to now, we can provide you with detailed advice with respect to how strong your grounds are to challenge the Practice Committee’s panel decision.
  • INTERIM ORDERS – At any stage, an Interim Orders can impose an Interim Condition of Practice, or even an Interim Suspension Order preventing further practise until the final fitness-to-practise investigation decision has been reached.  Again, professional skilled  representation is highly recommended.

As even a seemingly trivial initial GDC notification can snowball to have the most unexpected and profound professional consequences, you can be sure that by using our top-flight team of experienced GDC defence lawyers, you will have a powerful and highly skilled ally fighting your corner for your best possible outcome.

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