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Trevor Francis

Managing Partner

"First class defence lawyer for white collar crime, he takes no prisoners and gives 100% to his clients"

Legal 500


Trevor Francis is our Managing Partner and Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA).

Trevor is a recognised specialist in serious fraud, serious crime, health and safety and regulatory investigations and proceedings.

He is an experienced solicitor-advocate and has regularly been instructed in high profile complex matters. His practice takes him throughout the UK and Europe. He is widely regarded as having a particular expertise in the following matters:

  • High profile sexual offences
  • Health & Safety investigations and proceedings. Advice on enforcement.
  • Serious fraud and money laundering, including MTIC, Carousel, Boiler Room, Diversion and Ponzi Fraud
  • Insider Trading, Rate Fixing and other FCA investigations and proceedings
  • Election Law under the Representation of the People Act 1983 and the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000
  • Reputation management and protection
  • Crisis management
  • Civil Fraud, Business Crime, Corporate Wrongdoing & Governance, Asset Forfeiture or Recovery
  • Complex regulatory investigations and proceedings
  • Company Director Disqualification Act Investigations and Proceedings
  • Bribery & Corruption Act Reporting, Investigations and Proceedings
  • Cyber Crime
  • Coroner Inquests.
  • VAT & Duties Tribunal Proceedings
  • Corporate and employment independent investigations

Trevor routinely advises high net worth and high profile individuals regarding the whole range of our services. He is frequently retained by commercial lawyers to advise their clients in respect of the specialist services this firm is expert in.

For media enquiries please contact Trevor via media@blackfords.com

  • What the directories say

    Ranked as a leading individual and Hall of Fame in The Legal 500, 2023

    Ranked as a Leading Individual in Chambers and Partners 2020.

    • “Total leaders in the field. Slick and professional.” (Legal 500, 2023)
    • “Knows all there is to know about running a criminal defence.” (Legal 500, 2023)
    • “Trevor Francis is a really first class defence lawyer for white collar crime, he takes no prisoners and gives 100% to his clients.” (Legal 500, 2023)
    • “Great tactician.” (Legal 500, 2023)
    • “Is a superb white-collar tactician. First-class and incredibly committed. Knows his cases inside and out with great judgment. A winner.” (Legal 500, 2022)
    • “Shrewd, versatile, patient and precise; someone who understands the long game.” (Legal 500, 2022)
    • “One of the most savvy players in the marketplace.” (Legal 500, 2022)
    • “Thorough, personable and tough and inspires confidence in his clients” (Legal 500, 2021)
    • “Notable expertise” (Chambers and Partners, 2020)
    • “Charismatic” (Legal 500, 2020)
    • “Diligent, conscientious and hard as nails” (Legal 500, 2020)
    • “Brilliant lawyer and tactician” (Legal 500, 2020)
    • “Tenacious and combative” (Legal 500, 2020)
    • “An astute political operator” (Legal 500, 2020)
    • “A real class act” (Chambers and Partners, 2019)
    • “Real grafter” (Legal 500, 2019)
    • “Masters huge and complex cases easily” (Legal 500, 2019)
    • “Diligent, clever and hardworking” (Legal 500, 2019)
    • “His financial crime practice spans from corruption to insider dealing” (Chambers and Partners, 2018)
    • “First class all rounder” (Legal 500, 2017)
    • “A very strong solicitor”…who is “calm, unflappable and has wise opinions”. (Chambers and Partners 2017)
    • “Unflappable” (Legal 500, 2016)
    • “Huge experience in general crime” (Legal 500, 2017)
    • “Utterly reliable and has very good judgement”. (Chambers and Partners 2016)
    • “Popular choice for high-end corporate crime and regulatory advice.” (Chambers and Partners, 2016)
    • “Conscientious and reassuring – clients love him.” (Legal 500, 2015)
    • “Leaves no stone unturned.” (Legal 500, 2015)
    • “Unquestionably bright, razor-sharp and tactically astute.” (Chambers and Partners 2015)
    • Ability to “pick up huge cases, see the issues really quickly and know what to do.” (Chambers and Partners, 2015)
    • “Encyclopaedic knowledge”. (Legal 500, 2014)
    • “An acute and simply brilliant lawyer” and “a real fighter” (Chambers and Partners, 2014)
    • An “excellent fraud solicitor” and “skilled negotiator” who is “amazingly commercial.” (Chambers and Partners, 2014)
    • “Star name in the area of fraud” (Legal 500, 2013)
    • “Incredibly energetic”, “tactically brilliant” (Legal 500, 2012)
    • “Accurate advice in a clear and easy manner” (Legal 500, 2012)
    • “Mammoth technical expertise and is an incredibly hardworking and gifted Solicitor who inspires trust in his clients”. (Legal 500, 2011)
    • “Has a loyal following and attracts good, quality work” (Legal 500, 2010)
    • “Impressively calm demeanour”, “inspires confidence” (Chambers & Partners 2013)
  • Notable cases
    • R v H – acted for a solicitor in the “Lord” Edward Davenport SFO prosecution for advanced fee and rent ramping fraud perpetrated against high society celebrities.
    • R v D – Confidential Access case involving identity fraud, including the cloning of the Home Secretary’s ID
    • C & Others v HMRC – Judicial review of HMRC, resulting in search warrants being quashed
    • R v S – Operation Digit E – Client acquitted in massive payroll fraud within the construction industry involving CIS payments to HMRC.
    • R v H – FCA prosecution in Deutsche Bank Insider Trading Case – Op Tabernula. Main defendant was acquitted after four month trial
    • R v B – Operation MFB – £190m VAT carousel fraud in the textile industry – secured the only acquittal for those charged in this case.
    • R v K – 1960’s rock and roll music producer acquitted of property fraud
    • R v G – Operation Vex– Client acquitted in this MTIC Fraud Investigation involving the First Curacao International Bank (FCIB)
    • R v S – Shadowcrew.com fraud, international case involving the American Secret Service
    • R v V – Sainsbury’s Murder Case
    • R v J – Kung Fu Killer Murder Case
    • R v E – Acted as led junior in this historical sexual assault case involving low copy number DNA testing. Defendant arrested after Crimewatch unsolved case programme.
    • UN Oil for Food Investigations – Successfully avoided client being charged after the 10 year enquiry by the SFO into dealings with the Iraqi regime and the alleged bribery and corruption by UK based individuals
    • Op Erasure – Successfully avoided client being charged in £160m mobile phone carousel fraud
    • Op Tangelo – Successfully avoided client being charged in multi-million pound wine VAT diversion fraud
    • Securency Investigation – acting for client under SFO investigation for currency corruption
  • Memberships & associations
    • Fraud Lawyers Association
    • Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA)
    • Extradition Lawyers Association
    • Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association (POCLA)
    • Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers (ARDL)
    • London Criminal Courts Association (LCCSA)
    • Criminal Law Solicitors Association (CLSA)
    • VHCC Contract Manager
    • Registered Lawyer under The FA Football Agents Regulations

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