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Conservative Party CFO Success Story

News11th May 2019

Simon Day was advised by Gary Bloxsome of Blackfords LLP and Stephen Ferguson of 2 Bedford Row. Commenting on this enquiry, Gary Bloxsome, stated: “This was a matter that should never have been referred from the Electoral Commission to the Police. There was never any evidence of any wrongdoing and it was crystal clear that this was a matter which would not proceed further.”

The Acting DCI from the Special Enquiry Team who headed the investigation stated: “After a two year investigation, having carefully considered all of the material gathered, and liaised with the CPS regarding their investigative advice, I have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that Mr. Day knowingly, or recklessly, made a declaration that he knew was not accurate, and therefore false.”

Commenting, a Conservative Party spokesman said: “We welcome the finding, after such a thorough investigation by the Police, that Simon has been totally exonerated of any wrongdoing whatsoever.”

Simon wishes to thank his family, friends and his employer for their unwavering support throughout this difficult time.


  • Under section 83 of PPERA, campaign spending returns must be accompanied by a declaration to the Commission made by the registered treasurer of the Party. The treasurer is required to state that they have examined the return and, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, it is complete and correct as required by law. It is an offence for the treasurer to knowingly or recklessly make a false declaration.
  • The Electoral Commission referred Simon Day, the Conservative Party’s Registered Treasurer from 2012 to 2016, to the Metropolitan Police Service for consideration as to whether to investigate him for a potential offence under section 83(3) of PPERA with regards the Party’s return for the 2015 General Election.
  • At no point, during their respective investigations, did the Electoral Commission or the Metropolitan Police Service provide any evidence that Simon knowingly signed an incorrect return.