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Kiran Gibson

Senior Associate Solicitor

"...an experienced senior member of our Criminal Defence Team..."


Kiran Gibson is an experienced senior member of our Criminal Defence Team in Woking. She is a fully accredited solicitor and police station representative. Kiran represents and advises clients in the youth and magistrates court in all manner of hearings, including trials. Kiran also litigates a varied Crown Court caseload and is responsible for cases ranging from the minor offences, such as road traffic offences to the most serious, such as historical sexual offences.

Kiran prides herself on giving no nonsense, robust advice to clients and prepares all cases to the fullest. No case is too big or too small.

Kiran represented a number of defendants, both youths and adults arrested during the 2011 London riots with successful outcomes.

  • Notable cases

    Kiran has dealt with various cases over the years:

    Crown Court

    • R v C: Multi Defendant case whereby Defendant charged with Money laundering, linked to a Conspiracy to defraud valued at over £300,000. Crown offered no evidence against Defendant on first day of trial
    • R v MA: Represented Defendant charged with terrorism offences linked to the London Underground bombings on 21 July 2005
    • R v A: Successfully represented Defendant charged with offences of kidnap, multiple rape and drugs offences. Defendant’s case dismissed and Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence at PCMH
    • R v G: Represented a 16 year old youth charged with murder of vulnerable older male. Victim alleged to have suffered 72 stab wounds. Defendant acquitted following trial. Co –defendant (represented elsewhere) found guilty of murder by way of provocation
    • R v H: Successfully represented a 16 year old charged with multiple rapes and historic sexual offences. All victims under 16 years of age. CPS relying on school records and timetables. Disclosure issues throughout case and pursued vigorously. CPS forced to offer no evidence a day before the trial was due to commence as school timetables and attendance records revealed that the alleged victim and the Defendant never had any classes together
    • R v B: Defendant charged with conspiracy to supply class a drugs. (Multiple Defendants) A block containing a kilo of cocaine was found on the road underneath the passenger side of the vehicle of the car that the Defendant was travelling in at the time. The Defendant was sat in the passenger seat. The jury was unable to reach a verdict in this matter, hung jury
    • R v L: Defendant charged with conspiracy to supply class a drugs. CPS relied predominantly on telephone evidence in this case. CPS were forced to offer no evidence in this case following a successful argument in which the Judge ruled that the telephone evidence was inadmissible
    • R v B: Defendant charged with conspiracy to defraud employee (Harrods) in the sum of £50,000. Defendant acquitted following trial
    • R v H: Successfully represented 17 year old charged with robbery of care worker. Defendant acquitted following trial
    • R v B: Represented Defendant charged with murder – stabbing if victim by the Defendant following an argument in respect of the Defendants dog
    • R v TB: Represented Defendant charged with numerous historical sexual offences against his step daughter committed 30 + years ago
    • R v C: Represented Defendant charged with 4 others in respect of various sexual offences. Photographs and video footage of victim taken whilst she is unconscious and sexual assaulted
    • R v W: Represented 16 year old charged with stabbing whereby victim lost function of his bowels. Victim also appeared charged in the same proceedings with s18 GBH
    • R v G: Successfully represented Defendant charged with s18 GBH against his mother in law. Defendant acquitted following trial


    • R v P: Represented vulnerable, mentally impaired 68 year old charged with numerous breaches of ASBO for begging. Despite psychiatric and psychological report indicating that the Defendant could not comprehend and therefore adhere to the prohibition in the ASBO, the ASBO was upheld by Judge in the Crown Court. This decision was then successfully appealed by way of Case Stated and the ASBO was eventually discharged. The CPS offered no evidence on 8 breaches of ASBO.
    • R v T: Client convicted in the magistrates Court of 5 matters, assault, TDA and theft, domestic matters. Successfully appealed to the Crown Court, where case was dismissed and convictions overturned.
    • R v A: Client convicted of failing to provide a specimen of breath. Conviction appealed to the Crown Court, appeal dismissed, conviction overturned. Costs awarded to the Defendant.

    Magistrates’ Court

    • R v C: Conducted trial in Defendant’s absence. Defendant charged with assaulting his partner’s grandmother. Acquitted on basis on reasonable force used and acted n self – defence.
    • R v L: Conducted a Newton Hearing whereby the outcome would make a material difference to sentence. Defendant pleaded guilty to ABH on basis that he did not intentionally use pint glass. Bench found in his favour.
    • R v R & R: Represented mother and son charged with a number of public order offences and obstruction of police officers in the course of their duty. A District Judge heard the evidence in this trial, one of whom had sustained injuries in the incident with Police Officers. Both Defendants were found not guilty. The Police Offers were both disbelieved and it was found that they had acted outside the execution of their duty.
    • R v C: Defendant charged with common assault against 7 year old son. CPS were persuaded to not prosecute any further and send this case back to the police station in order for the Defendant to be administered with a caution.
    • R v A: Defendant pleaded guilty to £24,000 benefit fraud. Defendant sentenced to a Community Order.
    • R v M: Successful application made before the Magistrates Court resulting in the Defendant’s driving licence being reinstated.
    • R v R: Defendant charged with public order offence and common assault. CCTV pursued and eventually served a day before trial. CPS forced to offer no evidence as CCTV clearly showed Defendant being chased by the number of individuals including the alleged victim who had a knife in their possession.
    • R v W: Successfully represented 15 year old youth charged with possession of firearm – fingerprint evidence on movable objects.
    • R V M: Successfully represented Defendant convicted of x2 sexual offences. Crown applied for an ASBO to exclude Defendant from a local mall. ASBO application dismissed.
    • R v R: Successfully represented 15 years old youth charged with 4 others with ABH.
    • R V LW: Represented 14 year old youth charged with stabbing classmate on school premises.

    Judicial Review

    • R (Matara) v Brent Magistrates Court QBD July 2005, Smith LJ, Simon J: Defendant charged with an offence of failing to provide a specimen. Legal Aid refused by the court on the basis that the offence for which Legal Aid was sought was a non-imprisonable offence. Decision to refuse Legal Aid was judicially reviewed. Successful application.
    • R (T) v Isleworth Crown Court: Defendant appealed against his conviction for offences of theft, common assault and driving offences, to the Crown Court. Appeal hearing was adjourned by HHJ, despite clear indication from the alleged victim that she would not be attending court. Decision to adjourn the hearing was judicially reviewed. Judicial review abandoned due to a favourable decision in the Crown Court. Costs awarded against CPS for judicial review.

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